Be Smart, Never Start

Be a smart INVESTOR ! Save the Cash, Avoid the Thrash

Life is precious- using tobacco will make it useless

Don't let tobacco pave the way to your grave

Tobacco is vicious-Don't let it ruin your health-which is precious.

Welcome to State Anti Tobacco Cell, Karnataka

Karnataka State Anti Tobacco Cell (SATC) has been established in the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare services. The SATC is responsible for overall planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the different activities, and achievement of targets planned under the National Tobacco Control Programme in the State.

The State Anti Tobacco Cell is headed by Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Services and is functioning under the guidance of Joint Director (Medical) who is the State Nodal Officer, Tobacco Control.

The cell primarily focuses on Planning, monitoring, implementation, IEC activities etc in the light of COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Product Act-2003) and FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) provisions.


I was a chain smoker and couldn't resist it. Many people advised me that it would affect my health and finally I made up my mind to give up smoking. I replaced cigar with coffee as my habit

- Suresh